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Welcome @nuckleo.com
the bureau of information technology

The mission of Nuckleo in 30 seconds

Plan the I.T. business

Whether you are starting from scratch or you already have existing infrastructure we build and support complex architectures and we can offer different technologies (open or closed) with limited investments on a power R.O.I.

Develop the business potential

We deveolp an I.T. business on the experience that you live in your daily corporate life. With our software infrastructure, we bring the user experience on added value for the company, so the business and the company lifestyle will be better.

Make sure that everything always works

The uptime and reliability of backup operations that require high precision and careful planning in the preservation of data, so we set up an engineering specification dedicated to the preservation of digital heritage business.

6 things to know about our organization

We have a revolutionary concept and our company lifestyle , we have the best references in computer science and we do not use the traditional scheme or multi-redundant structures inside. This is the business model we have designed for a computer company that produces 2.0 software and provides high level consulting. From the presales to support, a Nuckleo people you will stand forever

  • 1
    Easy-to-use innovation
    We bring innovation in companies, easy to use, safe and available everywhere thanks to our powerful cloud computing systems.
  • 2
    Project & delivery management
    We manage I.T. high profile projects and sharing our technology with each other partner so creating a business ecosystem controlled and responsive.
  • 3
    Specialized support
    Our every product release is always supported by a competent team and constantly updated on security issues.
  • 4
    Highly flexible solutions
    We use proprietary technology to create solutions to increase business and optimizing the business flows.
  • 5
    Clear and custom agreements
    "Respect your expectations" is our must , for this reason, our contracts are always clear and legible without surprises.
  • 6
    We signed alliances with several companies and we are partners of leading brands, but we maintain our independence in the choices to offer ever the best.

Do you like our vision? Tell us your story, we are always looking for bright people.
  • partner@nuckleo.com

    We are looking for partners for expansion, and reselling our products.

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