Hireline overview

Hireline is a business model to manage and develop your corporate or branch.

By examining the relevant case of success or failure of a business flow, we have built a webapp on cloud based technology, to motivate your resource and manage your office, having everything under control. We can integrates Hireline with any existing enterprise management and increases the business possibility by analyzing trends sales and human resources uses.

Here are some key features below

  • Contacts Engine

    Is the basic module that manages the contacts database and keeps track of all activities to and from every customer by extensive and multichannel auditing (Email, Doc, Fax, SMS, Call).
  • Custom Dashboard customer-based

    Each client has a tab panel alarms and management of critical activities and pending.
  • Custom form

    Entry form can be easily customized with syntax checking of fields, integrated with automated data collection to external hireline.
  • Massive campainions

    Assisted and intuitive filters to create massive multichannel companions (sms, email, fax) and business newsletter campaigns with feed-back control
  • Document organizer

    Rich Documento organizer with custom folders for every customer, including webfile browser usable as a normal system folder
  • Fast scanning and classification of documents with and without OCR

    Optical high-speed scanning integrated with the classification also without OCR
  • Fax & Mail hunter engine

    Engine collecting and email inbound faxes integrated with document archiving services Mail2fax, Web2Fax, Fax2Mail
  • Voip click&dial

    Full integration with VoIP , click & dial, from web to phone station
  • Virtualized PBX

    High efficiency embedded VoIP PBX, with all the newest technology and communication management based on telephone snom© technology and asterisk
  • Unified company Fax or use based

    Unified Enterprise fax or for the single user, faxes flow directly to a selected location.
  • Quality Business Anlisys

    Internal engine for check the quality of business on each customer , and which kind of effort that produces
  • Business custom reporting

    High-level corporate reporting on the progress and performance of sellers, cost control and budget analysis combined with comparative reporting and accounting pre-existing systems
  • Event manager & Sal Area

    Bus company for the progress control like open task, pending tasks, problems, marketing campaigns, deadlines, dialogue with xml integration
  • Company intranet

    Company intranet with a personal repository, shared bulletin board and news.
  • Company organizer

    Personal Organizer shared for each user, with alarms via SMS, MAIL, and notifications.
  • Perfect cloud integration

    Hireline is ready to be used on smartphones and tablets, is used in SaasS, or private cloud , or appliance at the customer and is already connected to our public cloud to share, backup and data portability.
  • Contacts & Calendar sharing

    The corporate directory is shared through our cloud on phone and mobile phone, even when you are out of office
  • partner@nuckleo.com

    We are looking for partners for expansion, and reselling our products.

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